Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS of participation

 1. Types of participants: Active and Passive.

Active participants are invited to:

Passive participants are welcome to:

2. The maximum number of active participants 4 by class. There is no limit for passive participants.

3. The admission of applications for active participants is based on the CV (bachelor, master degree). A link to Youtube recording of an applicant is appreciated and could play a crucial role in decision of acceptance.

4. To apply, please fill in the application form, selecting the name of a course, type of a course, upload your CV and concert photo, then proceed to payment (see fig. 8). The application is only valid when the payment is received.

5. The deadline for applications is 15 of June. A confirmation of enrolment will be sent within 2 weeks after the payment has been received. The list of works to prepare will be equally available on the website.

6. Refunds are made only if the courses are cancelled by the Soloist Academy and not by a participant. Musicians, not accepted as active participants shall be refunded in total or offered a position of passive participant with a partial refund.

7. Some participants will be selected to perform at the concerts.

8. Course fee for active participants:

We have four types of offers:

The payment should be paid with the application. Morning and afternoon meals is on the responsibility of participants.

9. Course fee for passive participants is €100 to be paid online together with the application or on the place. This includes only an administrative fee. Lodging and meals is extra.

10. Other potential costs to be paid by participants by themselves (The Academy does not take any responsibility for any personal expences of the participants).

Any extra orders at the Hotel–Restaurant “Bois Joly” or any other place, including meals, drinks or any other expences is on the responsibility of the participant.

11. The instruments and other valuables that the artist brings are not insured by Soloist Academy.

12. By joining the course, the participants authorise Soloist Academy to use any video/audio recordings or pictures including the names of performers for promotional purposes, sharing on social media networks and advertisement.