Occasionally, students shall be performing at our JAM, Classic Concerts Improvised. It is there, where we intend to make the most of our performing experience. A unique project, inspired by the JAM-Sessions from Jazz tradition. Musicians are invited to prepare a list of “standards”, the usual chamber music repertoire with clarinet cello and piano trio or sonatas: Glinka, Brahms, Beethoven, etc.. On the day, we announce the programme and musicians begin to perform without any preparation. The live Jam in a form of a master-class will give us an opportunity to explore together with the audience the aspects of music making and communication.

PROGRAMME for the summer 2018



Beethoven, Trio in B-flat major, Op.11

Beethoven, Trio in E-flat major, Op.38

Brahms, Clarinet Trio, Op.114

Zemlinsky, Clarinet Trio, Op.3

Berger, Trio in G-minor, Op. 94


For clarinetists & pianists

Brahms, 2nd Sonata, Op 120

Lutoslavsky, Dance Preludes

Debussy, Première Rhapsody

Schumann, Fantasiepieces, Op. 73