Individual lessons

Collaborative Piano course (18-27 July, 2019)

Château de Voltaire, la Cave July 18, 2019

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This course, led by our star musician Saya HASHINO is a real base for our Academy. In general we all agree that the most of our musical activities is composed of chamber music. Sonatas, Concertos, even Solo pieces are often forms of dialog with questioning and answering. That is how we came up with introducing this course. Saya is offering students to prepare main chamber music repertoire with clarinet and/or cello (sonatas, trios) and other repertoire. Since now Stephan RIECKHOFF is part of our team, now we can do cello sonatas, trios, etc…

Just like in the Clarinet  and Cello course, in the morning pianists have individual lessons opened to all participants to follow. During our JAM sessions we meet all together and explore the principles of Chamber Music.