Individual lessons

Chamber Music Piano course (15-25 July)

Conservatoire de Ferney-Voltaire July 26, 2021

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CHAMBER MUSIC PIANO COURSE with Saya HASHINO will take place on 15-25 July 2021. Only 4 students admitted in the class.



What does it take to be a pianist specialising in chamber music ensemble or to be a concert pianist?
There is no difference between chamber musician and soloist, the only difference is when you play with someone or you play alone!
In any case, one has always to listen to what is happening, watch the sound and be drawn inside by the music.
Like a lot of pianists, most of the time we play alone.  Playing with partners is very important to listen to each other, to be attentive and flexible. Soloist Academy offers many opportunities to play various repertoire with many different chamber music partners.
This unique experience will enrich your musicality in solo and chamber music practice!