Terms & Conditions of Participation

1 Types of participants: Active and Passive.

Active participants are entitled to:

  • active participation at private lessons.
  • active participation in the Concert Series.
  • free entrance to all Academy events and social activities.
  • evening and afternoon meals paid by the Soloist Academy.

Passive participants are welcome to:

  • attend all classes, Jam concerts.
  • attend all Academy events at no cost.
  • evening and afternoon meals paid by the Soloist Academy.

2 The maximum number of active participants is 3 per instrumental class. There is no limit for passive participants.

3 The admission of applications for active participants is based on the CV or on a recommendation letter. A link to Youtube recording is appreciated and can play a crucial role in acceptance of a candidature.

4 To apply, please fill in the application form, selecting the name of a course, type of a course, upload your CV and concert photo. Within two weeks you will be notified about the decision of acceptance. Two more weeks is allowed to make a course payment. An application can only be valid once the course payment has been received by the SA administration.

5 The deadline for submitting applications is 30th of April. A confirmation of enrolment will be sent within two weeks of the application date.

6 Refunds are made only if the courses are cancelled by the Soloist Academy and not by a participant. Covid or other serious cases will be considered.

7 Course fee for active participants:

We have the follwing types of offers: 

  • 1 Parent & 1 Pupil – €1650
  • 2 Parents & 1 Pupil – €2100
  • Custom offer, to be discussed

The offer includes administration fee, accommodation at the hotel “Zenitude” in Ferney-Voltaire and evening meals.

8 Parent or guardian presence is obligatory. All Junior Academy participants are to be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times.

9 Course fee for passive participants is €100 to be paid on the place. This includes only an administration fee.

10 Soloist Academy does not take any responsibility for the safety of your instruments or other valuables. 

11 By joining the course, the participants authorize Soloist Academy to use any video/audio recordings or pictures for promotional purposes.